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BURN Decompression 2012

I provided power and lighting for the Bold Urban Renaissance Network's Decompression event this year.  It was a great time, and I especially love working in the Bridgeport Arts Center - the venue has a lot of character.  And the multitude of wooden beams make for many places to hang lights.  I had lighting on two smaller stages, as well as the lighting rig and video content for the main stage.

Location:  Bridgeport Arts Center, Chicago IL

Event dates: Nov 10, 2012

Lighting Designer: Myself

Programmer/Operator: Myself

Gear: Technotrix, University Park, IL

Rig (Main Stage):
  • 12x Martin MAC 700 Profile
  • 2x SourceIV Ellipsoidal
  • Control: GrandMA1 Full-size

All photos thanks to Ben Slayter

(click on photos to open full-size in new window)

Belly-dance performance

Long shot down the center of the room during setup

A smaller cabaret stage in the Secret Gentleman's Club
4x SourceIV Ellipsoidals
3x AmericanDJ LED PAR64