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GNMAA Shopping Festival

This combination fashion show / concert kicked off a week-long event in Chicago's Magnificent Mile.  The biggest challenge was figuring out how to fit all of the staging and equipment in the back end of a sloping tent.  To figure this out in advance, I rendered the whole production to scale to ensure that the lighting angles, video sight-lines, and soft-goods would all work as needed.  As an off-brand tent, the weight capacity was pretty low so it was a challenge to get enough fixtures in the air as well.  I was lucky to have the MAC Aura available - lightweight and with a great zoom, it is an excellent wash fixture.

In the end it was a a bit of an abnormal event - a fashion show happening around a musical performance, but it ended up well and the client was very happy.

Location:  Plaza at 401 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL

Event dates: August 22, 2013

Headliner: Jason Derulo

Lighting Designer: Myself for Technotrix

Programmer/Operator: Myself for Technotrix

Gear + Techs: Technotrix (University Park, IL)

  • 16x Martin MAC Aura
  • 6x Martin MAC 700 Profile
  • 8x AmericanDJ LED 64P
  • Control: GrandMA1 Full-size
Jason Derulo performance
Fashion models walking
Full production render
Fashion lighting render